See the behaviour of Gates, Musk, and Bezos. Their recently published climate solutions are all high-tech, energy-intensive, risky and seductive. These are dealers. Dealers need active markets. Their main concern is to keep the level of global interactions, transactions, goods and information flows at an all-time high. Solving every problem with a step forward (= innovation), in other words. New round, new prizes, new customers.
Look at 5G. We do not need it. There is enough reality around us so we don't need excessive access to reality from elsewhere. It is new technology that forces us to use more energy and raw materials, and to enter into new transactions.
Look at Microsoft, which does no more than delivering information weapons to parties that are competing with each other for customers. They earn their living by creating tools to boost the update, cookie, and tracking paranoia that allow parties to push each other out of the spotlight on the internet To feed their AI algorithms (which are needed to configure those tools) with data, by now absurd computing power is required, resulting in data centres that consume more energy than a substantial city. See this one in NL, for example.
Are we going to listen to climate solutions from people who cannot restrain themselves?
Why doesn't Bill Gates simply put a total brake on Microsoft's absurd energy and resource use in order to stay ahead with their megalomaniac AI and Cloud programme? And why doesn't he dump his own private planes − he privately owns two Gulfstream's, two Bombardier Challenger's, a Cessna Seaplane and a collection of helicopters − in the Mojave Desert Airplane Cemetery?