Afwendbaar is a European grassroots group of climate activists who advocate the back-to-basics answer to global heating

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Greendreaming, because these interventions ‒ more electric vehicles, batteries, green fertilizers, hydrogen, and alternative proteins ‒ will only trigger a cascade of climate destruction. Why?

Each of those tricks suffers from the same malady namely: there's a hole in the bucket. I mean that the energy it takes to physically get them up and running infrastructurally is (a) probably greater than they will ever deliver at the point of use before they will be renewed (updated), (b) will gobble up the entire remaining carbon budget within a few years.

Just think for a moment: for everything we are going to produce now in terms of infrastructure, 94% of the energy used will have to be fossil because we only have 6.2% renewables (solar+wind+hydro+nuclear), and that is hardly going to increase as overall demand continues to grow substantially. Especially if Western rich countries continue to consider war more convenient than making peace, and bitcoin mining and luxury more important than survival.

There is only one super social tipping point to still reach net-zero in time. Which is? Give people a piece of land, seeds, a goat, and a few solar panels. Then they can get by on their own, no longer need a car, can convert their garage into a goat shed and vegetable storage, and global large-scale productions and traffic flows can be quickly minimized without anyone suffering

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